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Constanza (Kata) Marchesi

assistant researcher

Trophic ecology, population genetic and contaminant studies in marine mammals from southwestern Atlantic Ocean 

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Mariano Coscarella

independient researcher

Behavioral ecology and population genetics of marine mammals in the context of the management of socio-biological systems


Ailen Chalcobsky

Postdoc student

Evaluation of the socio-biological system related to whale watching


Debora Pollicelli

postdoc student

Algorithms for automated photo-identification of marine fauna


Federico Heredia

phd student

Study of climatic anomalies effects in the Southern Hemisphere, in various species of top predators


Santiago Fernández

phd student

Behavioral ecology of the southern right whale using satellite telemetry


Néstor García

main professional

Diet and trophic ecology of top predators 

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Rocío Loizaga

associate researcher

Genetic and trophic ecology apply to conservation and management of dolphins in Patagonia 

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Damián Vales

assistant researcher

Study of historical and current trophic ecology of marine mammals 


Mariana Degrati

associate researcher

Behavioral ecology, dynamics and social structure of groups of Dusky dolphins affected by anthropic activities in the North Patagonian gulfs


Florencia Grandi

associate researcher

Influence of biological processes on the dynamic and recovery of pinniped populations in Patagonia 


Cristian (Kily) Durante

assistant researcher

Multianalytical approach in the study of the trophic webs in Patagonia through marine mammals: from environmental DNA to biogeochemical markers


Enrique (Kike) Crespo

senior researcher

Ecology and genetic of marine mammals and other top predators and their interactions with anthropic activities  


Valeria D'Agostino

assistant researcher

Transfer of phycotoxins through pelagic food webs and level of exposure of marine mammals in Patagonia in a climate change scenario

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Silvina Espósito

lead technician

Administration of research projects and management of social networks and website


Ayelen Tschopp

phd student

Study of the diet of the snout ray to evaluate ecosystem changes in the Patagonian marine community

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Viviana Milano

phd student

3D reconstruction by photogrammetry of the Delphinidae auditory region and its contribution to the resolution of their phylogenetic relationships

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Sebastián Giacomino

phd student

Development of isotopic landscapes (d13C and d15N) in the Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José: a baseline for the study of the pelagic marine trophic web


Virginia Tortolini

PhD student

Acoustic ecology of the Southern Right Whale in Argentine waters

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Melisa Coronel

PhD student

Influence of feeding strategies and kinship relationships on the social structure of the dusky dolphin in the gulfs of Península Valdés

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Camila Tavano

phd student

Plastic pollutants within the Valdés Peninsula Coastal Marine System: high trophic level predators as bioindicator species

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Camila Muñoz Moreda

PhD student

Endocrine baselines in southern right whales and their relationship with trophic ecology, body condition, and the effect of stressors: a multidisciplinary approach

Ciro Foto_web_edited.jpg

Ciro Martínez

PhD student

Autonomous identification of southern right whale vocalizations using artificial intelligence

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